Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tonya Kinzer's WIP - Come Tame Me, Wild Fillies Book 1

Tonya Kinzer has a new release late March 2013! Tonya is busy writing, editing and promoting. She has a soft spot for a sexy cowboy and so will Cassandra in Come Tame Me. And look who is on the cover! Jimmy Thomas! Raise your hand if you liked to be tamed!  LOL

Cassandra's sharp shooting skills surpass even the men who compete and those same skills come in handy when she's presented with the challenge of taking back her father's ranch. She's been gone ten years and knows the men will think she's just a high-maintenance female from back east. They'll all have a surprise when she starts giving the orders and takes back what belongs to her!

You can read a chapter on fReado and keep an eye out for Tonya's updates on her blog.
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Tonya was a guest on Wild and Wicked Cowboys. Click here to learn more about Come Tame Me!

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  1. Hi everyone! Brenda and Steve - what a nice surprise to find a post about Come Tame Me! I'm working hard to get this done; many readers are asking for this one! I love how many want those sexy cowboy/western reads and hope my stories fall right into line with what the readers want!

    Readers, do you have a favorite story plot or location? Let's chat about that! Thanks for stopping in!