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The Shower Scene - "Rainie's Lake" Available on Amazon and Smashwords

When Steve and I completed Rainie's Lake, we were in awe of the result. Okay, sounds like we're boasting here, but sometimes even as authors one of our own books can wow us. And we hope Rainie's Lake WOWS you! Here's an excerpt of the shower scene to whet your lustful reading. Enjoy!

Turning around, he starts the shower. “Too bad we have to wash it off.”
“So this is why you don't sell your paintings? You wash them away?” She laughs.
“I’ll have you know you’re the first human canvas I've ever done. I wish I could paint you everyday.”
“Well then, I feel honored.”
Dylan steps into the tub and closes the shower curtain after Rainie steps in. Taking the handheld off the hook, he turns her around to wet her hair and spray down her back. Handing her the sprayer, he pours a generous amount of shampoo to lather her long hair. “Sorry, I don’t have herbal or cologne shampoo.” He works his fingers gently over her scalp, massaging as he washes.
“Ummm, that’s okay. This feels awesome.” Moans slip from her throat. “You know it always feels so much better when someone else washes your hair.”
Taking back the sprayer, he rinses away the suds, admiring the tendrils dripping above her butt. “Now to wash your body.”
“No, first I want to taste the paint on you.” Facing him, she wraps her arms around his neck and presses along the length of his chest and abdomen.
Laughing, Dylan sees the lake transferred to him, and watches while Rainie runs her tongue along his abs, her kisses sending tingles to his new arousal.
“Oh, you do taste good.” Grinning, she continues to tease him with a flick of her tongue on his nipple.
 “Look X marks the spot to the treasure.” Rainie leans down to lick around his belly button and on down toward his pelvic.
The paint has run together forming an X on his scent trail. “Arrgghh, you’ve found my secret spot. Shit!” Dropping the sprayer, he holds onto the shower wall and rod as she takes his cock into her mouth, her tongue circling over the head.
Her lips are soft as she sucks along the shaft as she bobs up and down. Wrapping her fingers around the base, she squeezes and takes him deeper, her teeth gently grazing the base.
Dylan tightens the muscles in his butt and legs, grabbing her hair with one hand, watching her stroke him faster with her mouth. “Rainie, god, yes, right there.”
She sucks harder on cue. He releases, looking into her eyes as she milks him of the last drop.
Moving her mouth to the swollen head, she suckles lightly, then hard. “Okay, okay, man.” Dylan chuckles as tingles spread over the tip, almost like being tickled.
Rainie rises up, grins and then licks her lips.
He wipes her chin. “Your turn. I want to find all your secret spots.” He squeezes a trail of shower gel down her cleavage and spreads the soap over each breast. Rainie picks up the shower head to help add lather.
Cupping a breast, he brings the bubbles to a peak on her nipple and blows them away. She moans, shuddering as he repeats on her other nipple. Then his hands glide over her abs, moving in circles, continuing on down between her thighs. He carefully washes the silken hairs before placing his palm on her sweetness. Riding his hand, she closes her eyes as he places his hand on the small of her back.
 Taking the sprayer from her, he turns the control and places it near her clit. Rainie cries out from the force of the water, jerking with her orgasm. Dylan kneels down and takes the engorged clit into his mouth, swirling his tongue, sucking away the water. She quivers in his mouth as she reaches another peak, raking her nails on his back.
Holding her while her waves subside, Dylan adds gel to his hands and lathers her chest, arms and legs. After rinsing all the paint off, Rainie in turn washes his hair and the paint off his chest. Wrapping her arms around him, she lathers his back, gently massaging while her hands move to cup his butt cheeks.
Chuckling, he rinses the suds away. “You’ll have me hard again if you keep this up.”
“That’s what I have in mind.” She winks at him.
Dylan steps out of the tub as she turns off the water. Wrapping a towel around his waist, he then wraps a towel around Rainie and picks her up, kissing her softly as he lays her on the bed.

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  1. Even though this is a short story, the characters and scenery will stick in your mind because of the way these two authors wrote it. I felt as though I were standing right there with the characters - either on the dock, on the shoreline or having coffee with them! You will NOT be disappointed in this book!