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Soft BDSM is Her Specialty! Tonya Kinzer Visits with Us and Shares Her Boss's Pet Series Mar 14 - 16

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*Quickly rearranging the blog to look like a dungeon before Tonya Kinzer arrives

Hello everyone! Glad you could make it. There's an open bar, lots of Whiskeys, Bailey's and Kahlua. Fresh coffee brewing and bean bags and large fluffy pillows scattered around to relax in. Oh, there's a swing in the corner *wink* try at your own risk. LOL Also boas hanging over near the bar, grab one, and handcuffs on the hooks *points over shoulder* the furry ones, to have fun with. If you want to experiment, you'll find body paints, all flavors, on the table with brushes in different size. Tonya will be here in a minute to chat with us.

We'll be right back; getting more ice for the mini fridge. Have a seat and listen to the soft rock music Steve has selected.

*Rushes back in, Steve in tow with two ice buckets. Quickly places and lights lavender candles around the room. Looks around pleased with the results* Here's Tonya now! *Hugs her good friend and watches her flirt with Steve.*

B & S:  Thanks for stopping in for a few days, Tonya! We love hot interviews and this one is hot. Let’s start out with why you write stories about Dom/sub relationships.

Tonya:  I know I’m not alone in my fantasies! Now, perhaps my imagination is a bit more wild than some but I like to create a visual for the reader so they get just as heated up reading as I do writing. I’ll apologize now for the mess on the screen or keyboard!

Most readers secretly fantasize about being tied up during sex whether they want to admit it or not. It’s just human nature to think naughty! That’s not a bad thing unless you start doing it in your front yard for the entire world to see and I’m too shy for that! *wicked laugh* But what I really hope is that by reading my books, my readers can open the conversation with their partners about what they want in their sex lives. Maybe both are already thinking it but are afraid to ask. That only leads to frustration so start the conversation with your partner and maybe start with the blindfold!
 B & S:  Bondage can get pretty intense but instead, you include soft bondage in your stories. Why do you keep it on the soft side, no pun intended!

Tonya:  I’m not into a lot of pain like I see some people needing and maybe I’m losing a few readers who want harsher material. My readers will NOT find my characters being cut, whipped until they bleed, needle torture, etc. That just isn’t me. Don’t whack my ass with a cane until I bleed! You’d probably have to sleep with one eye open! Revenge could easily be my middle name! It does get me going if I’m blindfolded and restrained but again, the trust factor has to be a strong one with whoever you allow to get that close to you while your hands are tied.

B & S:  We were lucky enough to be able to help you edit your books and we loved it! You brought in a female Domme to train Sondra!

Tonya:  That’s only the second time she’d had another woman touch her and I liked showing how she tried to fight the sexual urges but when it comes to getting turned on and you can’t see who’s touching you, it doesn’t matter! Your body IS going to react! Fight all you want but when that urge sparks along those nerve endings begging to be satisfied, things are going to explode! Oops, can I say that? LOL

B & S:  Your imagination takes off in book four, Their Submissive Switch. Can you share a little more with our readers without giving away too much?

Tonya:  I thought it would be exciting to take everyone outside, in broad daylight, back in the secluded hills of Palm Springs and have a little fun! Our readers need to know that the Master in charge of the party there has guards who protect the area from any stray onlookers so that won’t happen! Now let’s see, submissive inspections happen…oh, and I give a new meaning to ‘vendor booths’! *wicked laugh* I’m not saying anymore!

B & S:  That is one sexy cover! Can you share an excerpt with our readers?

Tonya:  I’d love to! They do need to understand that it’s rated XXX! Here is the link, read at your risk! Fair warning; keep both hands on your keyboard or e-reader! Then again, one-handed readers are my fans too, right? I love you all! LOL Thank you all for stopping in!

B & S: Readers, Tonya has a $15 gift card up for grabs for one lucky commenter but you must include your email addy in the comment so she can send it to you when she picks the winner on Saturday. Let’s throw in a question or two for discussion:  Do you agree that we all have secret fantasies? Care to share one of yours or do you have a favorite?

CONTEST:  $15 gift card to one lucky commenter, to be picked on Saturday, the 17th.

You can find Tonya hanging out here:

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 “Love is the exchange of two fantasies and the contact of two skins.” Chamfort, French Playwright


  1. *grabbing a red boa, placing it around my neck and tossing the end over my shoulder* How's that look? *wink* I love what you've done down here, Brenda! Steve musta put up the handcuffs!

    What a crowd in here already, thank you all for stopping in. I'm glad so many are trying out the equipment! We might not get them to stop long enough to chat with us! *wicked laugh* Don't be surprised to see The Boss stop in before Friday!

    Who wants to share their deep, dark fantasies with us? We're dying to hear some good ones...*note pad at the ready, pen poised* ...don't be shy!

  2. *yawns* Can't believe I'm up this early. Is the sun up yet? *peeks out the window* Ummmm the coffee smells delicious. Tonya, the red boa looks great on you. *tries on furry green handcuffs* Maybe I'll wear these to the parade on Saturday! *tingles all over* Master is stopping by too, this will be fun! Readers, Tonya is waiting to hear your fantasies! Your wildest desire might end up in one of her books. And good luck in the drawing everyone!

  3. Hi Tonya,
    i have to ask if fans and cold drinks are being given away with the purchase of each book? i think it might be a needed. LOL! that cover is seriously HOT! i loved the excerpt too.

    i'm like you in that i don't care for the pain thing and could do alot of revenge if i was dealt a lot of pain. :} seriously though i think i have to many trust issues to let anyone tie me up. i wouldn't mind being the one in charge though. LOL

    in fact i would probably be a pretty good domme as i like to control most things,(i'm a bossy bitch as my family puts it). LOL!

    thanks for the chance at another great giveaway and as soon as i get done with the book i'll leave a review for you at amazon/b&n and smashwords.

    tammy ramey

  4. Tammy, thank you for following and stopping in! *wrapping a purple boa around your neck* That looks fabulous, hon!

    You're a sweetheart! Thank you for the review postings, I'll look for them soon! Wow!

    Everyone, don't be shy, come on in, we don't bite! Well, at least not hard! *wicked laugh*

  5. Umm Tonya, could you pour me some more Bailey's over the rocks. Steve handcuffed me to the chair. *weg*
    I have a question; What is so special to you about Palm Springs?

  6. Just stopped by to say hi! I haven't been able to read as of late do to school but hopefully soon I will be able to read what I want rather than what I have to :)That is one sexy cover. Where do you get the ideas for them?

  7. Thats an awesome excerpt! Definitely hooked me! :D Im ready to read more. And that is one hot, sexy cover! I do agree that we all have secret fantasies. One of mine is having a menage with two other men. Being tied up and dominated... *sigh* I could daydream about that all day. lol Thanks for sharing! Wonderful post! Congrats! :)

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  9. thank you all for stopping by to leave your comments! Trina, I have a great time coming up with covers. My vivid imagination runs away with me sometimes but it's so fun to do covers and banners.

    okay....using random.org to pick the winner of the gift card....Shadowluvs2read is the winner! I'll email to see where the gift card is for and get it sent out!

    thank you all again! Brenda and Steve, as always, I had a great time! Muah!

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  11. Awesome! Thank you so much!! :)