Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blogfest with Ravencraft's Romance Realm Feb 8 - 14 Day 7 “Best ‘First Love’ of 2011”

Happy Valentine's day!! 

And welcome to, sadly, the last day of the blog fest. This has really been a fun week! We have been reading your comments. Thank you! Later today, we'll come in and leave a comment on our first real Valentine's date. It's a cute story. Be sure you are leaving a comment on all the blogs to win prizes. You can follow the hop by clicking on the links at the bottom of this post.

"Best First Love of 2011" - This is a hard one. Thank goodness we watch 'Extra'!  LOL Yes we do, to kill time before we go to bed.

Our best first love for 2011 couple is Justine Timberlake and Jessica Biel. We know you probably laughed out really loud. 

But JT has come a long way from 'N Sync. We enjoyed his acting in The Social Network, Friends with Benefits and In Time (really good movie). Yea, we know he pulled that stunt with Janet Jackson during Super Bowl half-time. Don't be fooled - it was planned. 

And well, Jessica Biel is just one hot babe no matter what she does. We watched her as Mary on 7th Heaven as she grew up from goody-goody teen to become a rebellious young adult. Jessica left the show to pursue her acting career.

Online source Huffpost Celebrity in an article posted by Kelly Fisher, Jul 6th, 2012 states:
Exes Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were spotted out together over the holiday weekend, sparking claims the couple have decided to give their 4-year relationship another try. The pair, who announced their split earlier this year, have been "quietly seeing each other again," a source told Us Weekly. 

In December 2011 Justin proposed to Jessica. We hope these two will put aside the glamor & evil of Hollywood and focus on their relationship. They make an awesome couple. Seeing them together on TV, in magazines and online, you definitely see they are meant to be. She is his Yin and he is her Yang.

We hope you have enjoyed our themes this week for Ravencraft's Romance Realm Valentine Blogfest and that you will continue to come back often to visit our blog. Steve and I are working on Scarlett's Cowboy, Triangle of Secrets, Book Two and we have in the works, an erotic time travel - present time to ancient Eygpt and a virtual erotic story - this is pure fantasy in an advanced computer era.

Oh and yes, by the way, Steve is my Yang!

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  1. Hi Steve & Brenda...I love Justine and Jessica...they do make a lovely couple...just like you two.

    I'm into The Vampire Diaries and would love to see Elaina end up with Damon Salvatore. That man and that woman belong together *grins*

    Happy Valentine's Day to both of you & everyone!!

    kaydeeroyal at msn dot com

  2. Happy Valentin'es Day! I've enjoyed reading your blogs this week. Thanks so much for sharing your fun stories.

  3. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! If you read our profile, you'll know Steve and I re-connected after 30 years. Sometimes we talk about 'what if' we had hooked up in HS, how different our lives would have been! But I think we both had to go through our experiences to appreciate each other like we do.
    And I promised to share our first real Valentine's date.
    In February 2010, Steve and I were working for an event company as security guards. It was good extra money but long, hard hours on our feet. On Valentine's Day that year, we worked an event at the Dallas Convention Center. Neither one of us had planned a special date because we knew we would be pooped after work. On our way home, there is a What-A-Burger and there was a large sign: To Celebrate Valentine's Day, What-A-Burger is featuring Patti Melt Value Meals, Buy One Get One Free. Well, LOL Patti Melts are one of my favorite sandwiches and who could pass up a free meal! So we pulled right in and parked. When we walked through the door, we noticed the staff had decorated the dining area with red and white balloons, vases with carnations were placed on each table and there was lacy pink and white place mats with matching napkins. It was so cute and sweet. We ordered our food and selected a table in the corner. As we eat and chatted, we actually came up with the short story Patti Melt featured in Temptation Triggers, our erotic anthology. Believe me authors come up with their ideas in the strangest of places. Once we got home, we quickly wrote the notes for Patti Melt in a word doc, saved it and crawled into bed. We still have the place mats and napkins, wrapped together with a ribbon on our bulletin board in our home office. Patti Melt is a special story for us and will always remind of us of our first real Valentine's date.
    BTW I did fly out Feb 2009 over the Valentine weekend, but we never left the house. LOL I only had four days to spend with him!
    Tomorrow we draw the 2 winners. Good luck everyone and thank you again for following us this week. Tell your friends about us and share our blog link. Laters, ~Brenda, Steve's Yin

  4. Brenda and I always make the best of the time we have together, and there is a lot since we are rarely found apart. Whether writing, or sitting next to each other on the couch with our laptops watching TV, we strive to be close to each other. It's strange how time flies with Brenda, seeing that Valentine's Day date happened years ago, yet we still talk about that night as if it was yesterday. I have many such memories, I could write a book about "My Time with Brenda". What an erotic story that would be!!! I wonder if we could get Justin & Jessica to play us. mmh ~Steve

  5. I, too, liked watching Jessica "grow up" as Mary Camden on 7th Heaven. I wish her and Justin all the happiness that they deserve.

    Steve & Brenda...Thanks for sharing your charming patty melt story. It sounds like--as a couple--you cherish every moment.

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  6. Brenda and Steve - great final post! I agree JT has matured a lot since NSYNC. I never liked him as a musician but I love him as an actor. He really shines on film and I think he grew up a lot after he left the music industry. I hope he and Jessica last.

    Thanks so much for joining the hop and blogging with us this past week. You guys had some great posts.

    We're going to announce the blog winner on Sunday 19th on the Ravencraft blog. Good luck.