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Blogfest with Ravencraft's Romance Realm Feb 8 - 14 Day Three "First Date"

Day 3 and the fun continues! Welcome to our blog and the coolest blog hop we've ever entertained. Lucky for us Ravencraft's Romance Realm picked great themes to feature each day and Steve & I have written these themes in our books! Below you'll find the rest of the blogs in the hop. Good luck in the drawings.

Oh boy....the First Date. Remember your first date? Your nerves being on end, picking out the right sexy outfit to catch their eye and gawd, having to find the right conversation. LOL Some of us have had good and bad first dates. And there are some of us with the person from the First Date.

On this Valentine's day, pretend it's your First Date. Role play to add spice to your relationship. It's fun and very sexy!

Today we share Katherine and Sean's first real date in Steal My Love from Temptation Triggers, our erotic anthology.

On Saturday, she wakes up at her normal time. While walking around the house nude, she reviews her notes on Sean’s routine. She makes mental notes of what she still needs to learn about Sean. Almost ready for the big day, she thinks as she hides her paperwork. She takes a long relaxing shower before getting ready for an evening with Sean. I have to keep my wits about me tonight. This is not just for pleasure, it is a job.
Katherine is looking through her closet, trying to figure out what to wear when she hears her cell ring.
“Hello, Mr. Lips.”
“What are you wearing right now?”
“Nothing at all, I was just getting dress for tonight.”
“I like the thought of your outfit. Come as you are. You don’t have to wait to come over. I’m home from the market and waiting for you.”
“Yeah, I can see me driving there nude.”
“I like the mental images you are giving me.” He chuckles. “Anyway, I was just calling to give you the code to the gate. Since today is Saturday there won’t be a guard there.”
Katherine hurries to dress. When she arrives at Sean’s neighborhood, she enters the code for the gate to open. After she parks her car in the driveway, she knocks on the door.
“Damn, you added clothes to your outfit!” He exclaims as he opens the door.
She hands him the bottle of wine as they walk into the kitchen.
“I hope you like fish,” he says, opening the wine.
“I love fish,” she replies, seeing the seasoned fish next to the grill.
There is a boiling pot of water on the stove waiting for pasta to be added. She turns her head noticing a table set for two with candles in the dining room. Two salads are prepared on the table.
“I love a man who knows his way around a kitchen. Where is your apron, Mr. Lips?”
“I love to cook. Next time I promise to have only an apron on, just for you,” he responds, pouring two glasses of wine.
“I don’t think much cooking would take place if you did.” She sits down with her wine to watch him cook.
“You’re probably right.” He laughs, adding the pasta to the boiling water.
The fish sizzles as he places it on the grill. After a few minutes of cooking he cuts off a piece of fish to have her savor the first bite.
“Mm, this is fabulous.” She walks over to the table to retrieve the plates.
They take their filled plates and wine glasses to adjourn to the dining room.

After a quick dinner they retire with their wine to the living room. They remove their shoes to get comfortable as they sit on the sofa.
“Dinner was great; I can’t wait to see what other secret talents you have.”
“I’m a man of many talents.” He grins, waiting for an opening to show her.
“Oh, to hell with the rules on first or second dates!” Katherine exclaims as she pulls Sean off the sofa.
She starts unzipping his jeans while dragging him toward the staircase.
Their lips lock in a frenzied kiss while Sean pulls Katherine’s shirt up to her chest. He only stops the kiss long enough to pull the shirt over her head. He lowers her Capri’s as they ease up the steps.
Katherine rips open his shirt. Buttons fly everywhere. Clothes are discarded along the path as he lift s her up on his hips. She locks her legs around his waist. Entering his bedroom, Sean lays her down on the bed. He takes in her beautiful body before lying down beside her.
Katherine takes his head in her hands to push his mouth near her breast. “I do believe this is where we left off,” she says out of breath.

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  1. Your stories sound fun! I followed your link under my own name on Wednesday. ;)

  2. Great excerpt! I had to laugh at your comment about finding the perfect sexy thing to wear. We women fret over that SO much and then normally it seems as if the guy doesn't even notice. Haha. The awkwardness of "firsts" is so much fun though. :)

  3. Love this, Steven and Brenda. I can just see you choreographing this sequence. What fun! Hmmm...And the Mr. Lips, Brilliant!

    I used to have a friend who called her husband by his last name, with no first name. It was their secret passcode meaning she definitely needed sex tonight, and lots of it. I think it is totally thrilling to see how creative and sexy a couple can be, and how people show their attraction, and write that attraction so well in the story. Great post!

  4. WOW...It sounds like they get to business fast in this excerpt...

    GFC Follower: Catherine

    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  5. Role playing? Oh, my ... not sure if I'd do that on a first date! Or maybe yes.