Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blogfest with Ravencraft's Romance Realm Feb 8 - 14 Day Two "First Touch"

Hello again! We hope some of you are returning to read the "First Touch". Those of you new here, Welcome! and when you've finished reading this post head over to the other blogs and comment, and then come back, scroll down a bit to read Dylan and Rainie's first kiss from Rainie's Lake.

Ohhh, the First Touch. Whether it be a brush with a shoulder, a touch on your arm or their breath on your cheek or hair, the currents from this touch send shock waves all the way to your nerve endings and the feeling is electrifying!

Not only will the first kiss make you weak in the knees, but a touch on a certain part of you body can too. On Valentine's Day, caress their arm, trace your fingers down their chest or back, or wrap your arms around them for an intimate hug. Touching is very sensual.

Today we are sharing Janet and Nathan's first touch from Best Lover in Town

Janet leans over the table.
Nathan has a nice view of her backside. Nice long legs.
She is conscious of his eyes moving over her body. This makes her nervous as a little grin forms on her lips. “This one.” She picks up the print to hand it to him.
Their fingers briefly touch. The touch is like fire searing up each of their arms. Janet is the first to avert her eyes while clearing her throat.
Nathan raises an eyebrow. She is just as nervous as I am.
“Would you like something to drink?”
“Just a beer if it’s not too inconvenient.” Nathan watches Janet walk away into the kitchen. He considers what it would be like to run his hands down her body while kissing her. Okay, keep your mind on work.
Janet returns with two bottles of beer.
“Ah, someone knows their beer.” He takes the chilled, dark brew from her hand. Again their fingers touch, this time they linger a few extra seconds.
“I think what our client is looking for is a worldly attitude,” Janet says to break the silence. She turns back toward the table in thought.
Nathan can see her long neck as her head is arched back. He imagines the roundness of her breasts underneath her t-shirt. Nathan steps closer not realizing that if Janet turns around she would be against his chest.
Janet can feel his breath on her hair.
“Janet, I want you to know, I…” He stops.
“Yes?” She waits expectantly.
Nathan can’t help himself any longer. He whispers in her hair. “I want you.”

 Best Lover in Town has received 4 and 5 star reviews.
You can read the reviews on Amazon.

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  1. Hi Brenda & Steve!! *waves*

    Nice post...and Best Lover in Town sounds pretty hot/sensual.

    Thanks for being part of Ravencraft's First Love Blog Fest...I've had such fun already!

    Blog on!! Hugs!

  2. Those first touches can be amazing! Thanks for the delicious excerpt. Oh, and I followed under my own name. :)

  3. Hi Brenda, hi Steve! Thanks for joining the hop - I think I missed you yesterday, but I'm thrilled to have found you with us today!

    Excellent "first touch" post! Looking forward to what you have for tomorrow's topic. :)


  4. Best Lover in Town has a great sexy cover. I like the direction of this story.

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